Future Robotics – How it affects your lives?

Robotic technology is an emerging technology in the world. Many companies compete to develop various versions of robotics which can help mankind works. Top tech companies are in continuous work to change and improve the robotic technologies to match with human lives and lead us to a really exciting future. By considering past and present technologies of the robotic technologies we can make some future predictions of improvement of the robotics. This technology involves some human-related activities in the present also. But we can predict that robotics will do more than current and it will be a massive change in human lives. Shall we see some predictions of future robotics with human lives?

future robotics

Robotics and home.

Currently, there is a cloud-connected home robotics that helps people in their houses. People can schedule a warm, home-made meal by adjusting time with future robotics. You can have a warm meal when you return home after work. Multifunction robotic cookers are able to steam, fry, bake, and any other action related to cooking without our intervention. All you need is to set them up.

In future we can expect more advanced versions. It may be speech comprehension and increased interactions with humans. These improvements will change up the entire look and the feel of homes.

Autonomous cars.

Usually, cars need a human to drive it. In the past, we can’t imagine a car without a man. Self-driving cars are now in the world. But they still need some human intervention. But in the near future, we may see fully autonomous cars.

Waymo is one company that worked on a self-driving car project by Google. Not only this company but also other automobile companies also now enter into the autonomous car industry. Uber is one of the other major players in self-driving cars. Customers or users of Uber service can get self-driving cars with their preferences.

This will shift into public transport in near future.

Robotics in Healthcare.

Health care is one of the most valuable parts of the world. People are seeking new technologies to introduce to healthcare services. Robotic technology also a good side if we introduce to healthcare with improvements. We have to visit physicians for primary-care and they only give small checkups with a stethoscope. If we have intelligent robotics who can engage in to interact with patients, check their conditions, and then appoint them into further appointments as needed.

This type of robotics will be a huge change in the healthcare. This can avoid inconvenience of talking to a stranger about our health issues.

Robots replace our jobs.

In the future robots will take our jobs.  Jobs like administration, transport, and logistics will be replaced by robots. But some studies have shown there are some risky jobs to be automated such as insurance, telemarketers, tax return preparers.

Mostly low-skilled jobs will replace by robots in future.

Robotics will make jobs.

In the previous point, I mentioned that robotics will take our jobs. Even though it’s somewhat bad news this will be a good thing. With robotics modifications, it will create more job opportunities for us. We might need additional education on this technology for those. And also good training to join these jobs, but there will be good opportunities for job seekers.

Robots in security

Camera-based security systems is already in current society. But in the future artificial technology will use to predict and detect crimes that will be used.  Drone footage will make this happen.

This might help to law officials to act quickly against crimes.

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