Perfume or Cologne or Eau de &Toilette?

Some may think Perfume, Cologne, and Eau de Toilette are the same. They are different from each with the amount of alcohol and oil concentrations include in the mixture. Not only the ingredients included, the longevity and the purpose of the use also differ from product to product. We call all these three as perfume.  Even though it’s a perfume, cologne, or an Eau de Toilette, we use these for the same purpose. To smell nice.

perfume or cologne or eau de & toilette

Perfume or fragrance is the most essential part of looking confident. Bad smell makes us unconfident and it downs our personality.  We become conscious of our look. So by considering all these things, perfume is the most important thing to everyone with their personality. A nice fragrant perfume also helps to enhance our aura on special occasions.  Certain fragrances act like a sign of the personality of people. Certain people have specialized fragrances. All of these happen due to perfumes.

Perfume, Cologne, Eau de Toilette all a mixture of essential oils that give fragrance, fixatives, and solvents.  In ancient time also people have used various liquids which give fragrance. This may naturally extract from liquids from plants. But now this is an industry. The modern perfumery industry has started in the late 19th century. In this industry, Aroma compounds like vanillin and coumarin have commercially synthesized.

  Let’s see what is Perfume, Cologne, Eau de Toilette separately.


Perfume is a mixture of ethanol with a fine fragrance or a mixture of water and ethanol.  The most important thing in a perfume is intensity and longevity. These two factors depend on its concentration and the aromatic compound.  The fragrance of perfume depends on the substances in it and the reactions with the body. After we apply perfume on our body it starts to react with body chemistry.  Then perfume change with time. Perfumes usually last for 5 to 8 hours.  


 Cologne has originated from Germany and mainly named Eau de cologne, which means water from cologne. It has 2 to 4 percent of oil concentration.  This will create light and masculine fragrant and give fragrance of fruity or musky. The fragrance of cologne will last for a few hours.  In the first hour from applying, keynotes of the fragrance stay properly. But in the second hour, base notes of the fragrance prevail only. This phase calls a dry down period and our body chemistry interacts with the fixatives to produce an actual and final scent. This has made from lower oil concentration, so due to this fragrance doesn’t exit much time. Generally,  the colognes consist of lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, bitter orange, orange-like citrus oils mixture. And also sometimes consist of other types of oils, such as rosemary, lavender, jasmine. Oregano, olive.

Eau de Toilette

This means toilette water which defines as grooming water. This also referred to as aromatic water and lightly scented cologne. You can use this as a skin refresher and Eau de Toilette has high alcohol content.  This has 5 to 15 percent oil content. Usually, this lasts for 3 hours.  The main components are alcohol and volatile oils. Commonly used oil types are coriander, peach, jasmine, clove, sandalwood, etc. Eau de Toilette considers applying in the day time.                      Now you can decide what to use. 

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