Which Apple products are worth your money? (Updated)

Apple has been around a long time now for every part of the world is familiar with it. Whatever the opinion is on the price of the products the quality of the products has earned a reputation undoubtedly.

Everyone like to move on to the newest tech and devices as soon as they come out. Even though it seems like the most easy thing to do with applications suggesting you which good s to buy you might want to check a little bit to calculate whether the investment is worthwhile.

Despite 2020 being a difficult year with most employees working from home Apple has delivered a new set of devices for their customers.

Apple has launched many refreshing devices in the last year and there is more yet to come in the first quarter of 2021. From that set of devices launched these items had been the great and the favourite of most apple users.

Apple Products

1.iPod Air

iPod Air

This iPad was launched in 2020 with new and feasible features for you. They made it more like the iPad pro models but better. It comes with no more huge vessels which take up screen space. It is easy and clean that way. The design is amazing with squared edges. They removed the home button but face identification is now on the top power button. Moreover, it comes with the A14  chip that also comes with the iPhone 12.

Tools like Apple pencil can be used at your convenience. Try being creative and feel like you are working on real paper but with better options.  

2.Magic keyboard

Magic Keyboard

Magic keyboard is a new addition to the apple products and it is totally worth your money. If you want to get the feeling that you are using a real lap top your money is not wasted on this magic laptop. It is compatible with iPad pro and iPad air models.

The design is easy and comfortable and you can take anywhere with you as it does not fill up much space and it is light.  The keys are said to be most easy and good to touch by your fingers. This magic keyboard is totally worth your money as you can get your work done eating at a restaurant or even on a bench in a park. Buy a magic keyboard for the genuine experience of lap-toping.

3.Air Pods max

Air Pods max

One thing about air Pods is that everyone is complaining how expensive they are no one claims they are not the best. According to current users of the air Pods the noise cancelling technology on them are legitimate, the best quality.

As Apple products are often seen as a sign of spending extravagantly it is no secret that the devices come with other devices that have specific purposes and are only compatible with certain Apple products. As customers however there is no option but to weigh your limited options and go for the most reasonable one.

Two thirds of Apple quarterly revenue is from iPhone sales only. It says how much Apple phone users are there and they are in high demand. Macs, iPods, iPads, Apple watches and Apple televisions combine to make the final third of the quarterly revenue.

Listening your what the experts are saying , if you love new tech you have got to buy it to try it. You can get in touch with the newest features if you buy the most recent Apple product. However it has been said that  most predecessors are only slightly different tech from the last one.

Be that as may, each phone hits differently to each user and some people like the big screens and some people like small ones that are really cute to the size of your hand.

Let’s see which of these iPhones have become the favourite of apple  users. Most users like to get on with the most recent iPhone that has come to the market.

4.iPhone 12

In 2020, apple launched iPhone 12 series. It is the biggest and best yet launched by Apple as one of the Apple products. It comes with 4 models to choose from. For the first it has launched a mini model for iPhone 12.Over all this series is great for choosing. As consumers have different taste apple has delivered a range of options for the varying customers. However, iPhone 12 is not much different from iPhone 11.It has impressive 5G technology but the camera quality of the phone is similar to the last year’s series.

So, is this iPhone 12 which is more expensive than apple iPhone 11 worth your money. If you are feeling like not spending money for a lavish phone you can of course turn to the iPhone SE (2020) which was launched a little before iPhone 12.. It is far more affordable. If you feel all the same about newest tech you can turn to iPhone 11 if you do not mind

The phones below iPhone 12 series is always there at your choosing. They are less expensive as far as you want the IOS.  The camera quality of iPhones are always great same as battery life.

5.iPhone x

iPhone x

This phone is great for camera quality and is recommended by previous users. With dual rear camera sensors  iPhone 8 and 8 plus are also options for you. If you are concerned about the size of the screen it is better to go with the iPhone 8 series.

6.iPod pro 10.5

iPod pro 10.5

This is great to get your work done easily. This product is good for productivity and it gives you the lap top experience if you are not much concerned about the lack of a mouse.

7.Apple watch series 3 (with LTE)

Apple watch series 3

There is always no reason to doubt the quality of an apple watch. If you want to get notifications and track your fitness this watch is great for you. You can make your daily routine easy and smooth with this device and you can take calls on the watch which makes it more useful.

New series of iPhones are to be launched in 2021. iPhone SE 3 may launch in April this year while the newest series yet to come the iPhone 13 is hoped to be launched too.

Even then the decision is yours. If you think there is need to update your phone every year just because newer versions are launched do not buy, resist. If you feel that there is not much difference in the features  buy an older version. If you are yearning for quality and getting in touch with the newest tech that is available the price does not matter. With emerging techs like 5G it will be more accessible and easy for everyone.

Apple products are overrated according to some people. However, it is the quality and demanding the right price for a good that makes it sell in the market.

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